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Construction can be so easy. At least it can be with us. Hence, our range of activities covers all planning services that are necessary for acquiring a building permit as well as turn-key construction performances. We therefore meld all relevant subject areas together. Our planning is formed with construction data that provides precise amounts and building specifications as a reliable basis for the execution at any time. The construction projects are implemented by subcontractors whom are designated by the client. Or by long standing partners who have managed to impress us with their performance. But check it out for yourself.

Das war die Ansage von Jörn Johannes Anfang des Jahres. Gesagt - und am 8. auf den 9. September auf…

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Per Zeitraffer-Film wirkt die neue Brücke zwischen dem Bauabschnitt 1 und 3 der ständig anwachsenden…

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energieeffiziente Firmenzentrale mit Nachhaltigkeitskonzept aus Geothermie und PV-Anlage

Wenn man bedenkt, dass nur kurz nach dem Spatenstich am vergangenen Montag bei goldenem Sonnenschein…

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